Community & Civic Engagement

Inasmuch Foundation seeks to improve Oklahoma City’s quality of life by promoting cultural experiences, recreation, tourism, entrepreneurship and economic development. Grants support Oklahoma based 501(c)(3) organizations to:


  • Enhance recreational experiences and parks
  • Programs that foster creativity in the areas of music, visual and performing arts
  • Preserve and maintain our natural assets and cultural amenities
  • Expand access to community-centered arts and culture

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

  • Develop an active entrepreneurial and innovative environment
  • Grow existing industries and support business accelerators


  • Promote justice modernization by encouraging equity in housing, employment, economic development, and increased access to enriching opportunities
  • Address timely initiatives for the betterment of Oklahoma City

Disclaimer: Provided above are examples of grants the Foundation may fund but is not meant as an exhaustive list. Also, please note, Inasmuch Foundation does not fund individuals.