Human services

Inasmuch Foundation seeks to strengthen individuals, families and the entire Oklahoma City community by increasing access to social services and basic human needs. Grants support Oklahoma based 501(c)(3) organizations to:


  • Combat adult and youth homelessness utilizing the housing first model
  • Fight hunger and increase access to healthy food options
  • Empower children and families to achieve long-term stability and well-being
  • Transform child welfare and foster care systems in Oklahoma City
  • Support health awareness: healthy nutrition, medical services and disease prevention
  • Disaster relief and recovery
  • Eviction prevention


  • Promote physical, social, emotional, and mental health and wellness
  • Provide crisis-intervention services for survivors of abuse and neglect
  • Implement trauma-informed programs of treatment, recovery, and hope
  • Advocate and protect individuals from the risk of abuse and neglect


  • Diversion programs
  • Challenge racial disparity¬†within the prison system
  • Reduce prison population through sentencing reform
  • Workforce and skills training for individuals exiting the criminal justice system

Disclaimer: Provided above are examples of grants the Foundation may fund but is not meant as an exhaustive list. Also, please note, Inasmuch Foundation does not fund individuals.