committed to supporting ethics
and excellence in journalism

During her lifetime, Edith Kinney Gaylord created two foundations – Inasmuch Foundation and Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundation. The foundations were governed by the same Board of Directors, operated by one staff, and effectively functioned as one entity with two brands. As an outcome of the foundation’s most recent strategic planning, the two foundations fully became one. The Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundation brand was retired, and Inasmuch Foundation added Journalism as a key funding priority along with Education, Human Services, and Community.

Honoring Edith’s career and passion for journalism, her foundations have supported over $60 million in journalism initiatives across 45 states. Inasmuch Foundation is committed to supporting ethics and excellence in journalism through the following focus areas:

oklahoma journalism

Inasmuch Foundation seeks to improve news and information ecosystems in Oklahoma. With a primary focus on greater Oklahoma City, the Foundation seeks to build strong networks of journalists and journalism organizations to inform communities and create an engaged citizenry. Grants support Oklahoma organizations to:


  • Build sustainable business and revenue models
  • Strive for a balance of individual memberships/subscriptions, corporate sponsorship & advertising, and philanthropic support
  • Commit to a public-service orientation, reflective of the unique diversity and culture of Oklahoma
  • Engage in authentic dialogue with the communities they serve and cover issues that matter to Oklahomans, ranging from holding government accountable to elevating under-represented voices
  • Provide technical support, professional development, and resources for innovation to better meet the information needs of all Oklahomans


Non-Profit Investigative Reporting

Inasmuch Foundation seeks to:


  • Increase the quantity, quality and ethical standards of investigative reporting and watchdog journalism on state and local issues within the United States.
  • Stimulate and nurture the development of organizations, infrastructures, services, collaborations and business models that can help secure a future for investigative reporting and watchdog journalism
  • Support organizations through General Operating grants.  Applications should focus on future goals and sustainability efforts, and briefly highlight the impact of previous reporting
  • Only Institute for Nonprofit News (INN) members will be considered for funding
  • There are no geographic restrictions for Investigative Reporting grantees


Special Opportunities

by Invitation only

Inasmuch Foundation considers applications for:


  • Journalism initiatives with special promise or distinction, particularly collaborative efforts
  • Organizations providing essential services to the journalism community, specifically in nonprofit news and investigative reporting
  • Organizations will be invited to apply by Inasmuch Foundation staff
  • For more information, contact Senior Program Officer Tyler Tokarczyk